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How does Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital compare with your other options?

Think you only go to a commercial broker if you have a really tough deal or challenged-credit? Think again. Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital excels at offering small-business owners premium loan products that banks and traditional financing options just cant offer. Find out what choices you may be missing. Here are just a few examples of some key comparisons:
  • Amortization: Most traditional lenders will provide a maximum of 15 to 20-year loan amortization. Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital gives you access to 25 and even 30-year amortization. By stretching your mortgage payments over a longer period of time, you can significantly improve your cash-flow by lowering your payments.

  • Terms: The most common loan terms available for commercial lending are typically variable/adjustable rates accompanied by a balloon-payment after a specified period of time. (sometimes this term is sneakily tacome_comercial_lender_photo_3softened by calling it a rate review- but we'll explain that
    later.) In most cases, a bank will fix the rate for a maximum of 5 years. This can be a source of stress to a commercial borrower as they need to take time out of an already jam-packed schedule to endure the commercial loan process again every 5 years. This also costs you a lot of money every time you refinance because you have to pay the loan fees all over again. Commercial borrowing is VERY different from the residential loan that most of our clients are familiar with. Getting a fixed-rate mortgage longer than 5 years from a reputable lender is unheard of. And, eliminating the expected balloon-payment is just as rare. But, Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital offers you the option of getting a 15, 20 or even a 30-year option with NO balloon-payment! Now that's some peace of mind!

  • Rate Review: This is a term that many lenders use in order to soften the blow of a balloon payment or a call. Basically what it means is that after a certain period of time (usually 5 years) the lender will tacome_comercial_lending_photo_2review the rate and make sure that its in line with how much interest they could charge in the market at that time for your kind of loan. If the rates are higher then you have to refinance to re-qualify at the higher loan rate. If the rates are lower then they typically keep your loan-rate right where it is so that they can make a great premium off of you- in which case you may want to refinance again anyway so that you can lower your payment. Rate review is just a nice way of saying that the lender doesn't want to make a long-term commitment to doing business with you the same way they started. Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital does not have ANY rate review programs. Once we start a business relationship with you, wed like to keep it on the same note we begin it unless we can offer you even better terms later on down the road.

  • Loan-To-Value: Getting the highest amount of financing for the intended project is a critical issue to most of our borrowers. After all, what small-business person is typically sitting around with 40-70% equity in their commercial building or has that much money to put down for a purchase? Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital pushes the envelope for you by offering 5-25% more financing for your projects than is typically available thus giving you access to the cash you need or keeping more cash in your budget for operating expenses.

  • Property Seasoning: Suppose you get a great deal and buy a property that's worth quite a bit more than you paid for it and you make a few improvements and perhaps even find a great tenant or two. Banks and financial
    institutions will require you to merely sit on that equity for at least a year before you can access it through a refinance. Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital knows that cash-flow is the most important aspect to a business success. So, wave created a product that will allow you access to that cash without regard to how long you've owned the property! That's right. You can have unlimited cash out, regardless of how long you've owned the property! (some property and loan documentation restrictions may apply.)