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Business Acquisition / Franchise Start-Up

Now Available

For a limited time

The Business Starter Loan



Loan Amount:

Up to $1,000,000

Approved Loan Purposes:

BD21298_         Franchise Start-ups

BD21298_         Franchise Acquisitions

BD21298_         Business Acquisitions

BD21298_         Machinery & Equipment Purchases



Borrower Injection:



10 Years

Interest Rate:

Prime + 1.50% - Prime + 2.75%

Pre-Payment Fee:

Balloon Payment:

Origination or Points:



Borrower’s Injection:

Now: 10% / 0% for additional franchise locations (was 15% - 20%)

Debt Coverage Ratio:

Now: 1.20 for one year (was 1.25 for 2 years)

Minimum Buyer Salary:

Now: Waived (was $25,000)

Eligible Businesses:

Must be Privately Held and Operated For-Profit

Borrower’s Experience:

BD21298_         None Required for Approved Franchises

BD21298_         3 Years of Related Experience for Non-Franchise

Working Capital:

Funds Provided to Cover 3 – 6 Months of Expenses