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Television / Movie Equipment Loans

Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital will lease or finance almost any type of Television / Movie Equipment*. Some of the most common types include:

A/V Monitors Air Conditioning Systems Antenna Control Units
Antennae Audio Consoles Automation Systems
Braces Cameras CCDs
Character Generators Combiners Computers
Cross-overs Cutters Decoders
Digital Videotape Recorders Distribution Amplifiers Dolly
Down-converters DTV Demods Dummy Loads
Encoders Equipment Racks Exciters
Fencing Filters Format Converters
Frequency Reference System Generator Graphics Stations
Grips Hi-hat Intercom Systems
Lens Lighting Lighting Kits
Limiters Line Dehydrator System Master Control Router
Master Control Switcher Meters Microphones
Microwave Mixers Motor Control Units
Multi-meter Ohm-meter Oscilloscope
Panels Pattern Generators Pedestals
Phone Systems Power Monitors Power Supplies
Pressure Window Printers Processing Amplifiers
Processors Production Studio Racks
Receiver Reflectors RF Analyzer
RF Load SAP Generator Satellite Antennae
Satellite Receiver Satellite Transmitter Servers
Shooting Table SMPTE Sound Recorders
Speakers Spectrum Analyzer Spreader
Stands STL STL Tower
Strobe Lights Sync Generator Tower
Translators Transmission Line Transmitter
Transport Stream Analyzer Tripod Umbrellas
Up-converters UPS Backup Vectorscope
Video Consoles Video Editing Video Processing Amplifier
Volt-meter Waveform Analyzer Waveguides
Workstations XMTR Remote Control and Much More

*Some exceptions may apply.

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