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Medical Equipment Loans

Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital will lease or finance almost any type of Medical Equipment*. Some of the most common types include:

Amalgamator Ambulance Analyzers
Anesthesia Machine Anesthesia Vaporizer Angiography
Arthroscope Aspirator Audiometer
Autoclave Baskets Blenders
Bronchoscope Cabinets Cameras
Capnograph Capnometer Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
Carts Cath Lab Monitor Centrifuges
Chiropractic Tables CO2 and Pulse Oximetry Monitor CO2 Insufflator
Colonoscope Compressor Computers
Containers Cryostats Cuff Inflator
Defibrillator Dental Chair Dental X-ray
Dialysis Machine Dialysis Meter Dialysis Pressure Monitor
Dictation Machine Dryer Duodenoscope
EEG ECG/EKG Electric Lift
Electrocardiograph Electroencephalograph Endoscope
Exam Lights Exam Tables Fetal Monitor
Flotation Systems Fluoroscopy Freezers
Gastroscope Generators Gurney
Hoods Hospital Beds Humidifier
Hyfrecator Infusion Pump Irrigator
Keratometer Lasers Lathes
Loading Cart Microfiche Reader Microscopes
Microtomes Modules Muscle Stimulator
Orthopedic Beds Oscilloscope Otorhinolaryngoscope
Ovens Oxygen Monitor Pasteurizer
Patient Beds Physical Therapy Tubs Pill Counter
Polishers Pouch Sealer Power Supplies
Printer Recovery Beds Refrigerators
Respiration Monitor Reverse Osmosis Unit Scalers
Sensors Sigmoidoscope Spectrometers
Sterilizer Stress Test System Strip Chart Recorder
Surgical Beds Synthesizers Tables
Therapy Beds Tissue Processors Trapeze
Treadmill Turning Frames Tympanometer
Ultrasound Urethrascope Utility Shelves
UV Cure Light Vascular Doppler Ventilator
Video Laproscope Systems Viewbox Vital Signs Monitor
Washer Sterilizer Water Baths Weight Sets
Wheelchairs X-ray X-ray Generator
and Much More

*Some exceptions may apply.

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