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About Our Commercial Co-Broker and Referral Program

Whether you are a professional in the real-estate, lending, or other financially-related industry or simply someone looking for an additional or replacement income, this program can provide you with a significant opportunity.

There are two reasons why Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital is offering this exclusive Co-Broker Program.

The first reason is that we are truly proud of what we have to offer potential borrowers all over the U.S. And, were certain that there are hundreds of potential borrowers who are getting the

Commercial Lending Proyects
short-end of the stick by not knowing they have some great options that only we can offer. We feel it is imperative that potential borrowers are informed of our programs enough for them to give us a try. So, we are willing to pay you just for referring the people you know. Its important that business professionals understand they have financing options that they can live with instead of just taking it on the chin for a loan that really isn't everything they want. We just cant wait to help them with our GREAT options!

The second reason is that we believe there is plenty of money to go around in this industry. Although the commercial loan process is not an easy matter, there is some aspect to it that is

Commercial Lending finance
simple networking. There's over 65 TRILLION dollars in commercial loans that MUST be refinanced by the year 2008-2010 and that doesn't even begin to account for the purchase money and private mortgage liens that will need to be refinanced as well! And, weve created a simple way for you to take part in that merely by referring potential borrowers to us. Well pay you a lucrative commission for doing so! In fact, you'll be paid better than most bank employees! You wont believe how fast the income will accumulate! Each of us at Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital has lived through hard times at some point in our lives and would have loved this kind of opportunity. We've done our best to make it simple for you to take advantage of this opportunity with a minimum amount of effort on your part. You don't have to quit your current job, and you don't have to have extensive lending experience. This work is ideal for professional sales-people or just a regular Joe.
You can work from home in your spare time, or you can make it your new real job. All you have to do is identify potential commercial borrowers, share with them a little bit about our program and then have the borrower fill out (with your assistance if you like) a simple, one-page commercial questionnaire online, make sure your unique ID number is referenced on the questionnaire, and PRESTO- we take it from there.

So, if you feel that you can contact business owners and property investors and refer them to Brian Brinkley Commercial Capital then you are looking at your share of TRILLIONS of dollars in business! If you'd like more detailed information about this program, please e-mail us directly by filling out the contact form, located here, with the Subject set to Interest in the Opportunity.